Download Dwelvers Alpha v0.14.0.0

- 13 March 2019 -

System requirements

Windows Vista SP2 or higher
Direct3D 10 compatible graphic card

How to download Dwelvers Alpha v0.14.0.0 (full version)

To download Dwelvers Alpha v0.14.0.0 you need to have bought it from the website, if you are not and would like to support the development you can buy Dwelvers Early Access here.

If you have bought Dwelvers from the website you need to login to be able to download the latest version. A members page will become available once you have logged in, and from there you can download the game.

When buying the game from the website you need to already be registered and logged in, otherwise your account will not be upgraded automatically and it has to be done manually. If you already have bought the game from the website and can't reach the members page please use the contact form and include the user-name you have here on the website in the message and we will upgrade your account as fast as possible.

Feel free to post any idea, suggestions or bugs that may find at our forum.