Thank you for considering pre-ordering Dwelvers

Dwelvers is a game that is being continuously updated. By pre-ordering the game you will receive all future updates, and help us reach our goal to make Dwelvers the game it deserves to be!


NOTE: Please make sure that you REGISTER before pre-ordering so that your account gets upgraded automatically.

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Pre-Order Dwelvers
(limited time only)

You aren’t convinced yet? Why don’t you try the demo for FREE to see if you like it, and to make sure your system will support the game? Also be sure to register in the forum to get answers to any questions you may have in the game or to contribute your suggestions. If you enjoy the game, please consider Pre-Ordering while it is still at a discounted price.


What do I get by pre-ordering Dwelvers?

  • You will be able to download and play the latest version of Dwelvers available.
  • Your account status will show that you have backed the development of Dwelvers.
  • Once released on Steam you will get at least three free steam keys to use or share amongst your friends. (Dwelvers has already been accepted to Steam, but hasn’t been released to Steam users yet.)
  • Access to additional content, not available to non-Pre-Orders.


Why pre-order?

This pre-order option is a limited time offer. Once Dwelvers gets released on Steam, Pre-Ordering will no longer be available. So don’t miss out on the chance to become a part of a very special group of people that helped us with the development of Dwelvers, and get recognition from your account here on
Pre-ordering the game directly from the website will allow you to become more involved with the development of Dwelvers than if you bought it on any other site.

This means that those who pre-order Dwelvers will get access to game content that is hidden for those who just simply purchase the game on Steam. The reason for this is not only as a thanks for your support, but also because it will be a lot easier for me as a developer to give a smaller group of people the chance to try out new features before releasing them to everyone that has bought the game. Before a major update of Dwelvers is released on any other site it will always be bug-tested here first. Also, more funding will go directly into the development of Dwelvers because no other parties will take a cut of the transaction.

So thanks for your consideration, and we hope to see you in the forum at