This twisted root vegetable can be grown and harvested in the farmland in the farm room. It has the same properties as wheat and needs water to grow, but has the advantage of being able to survive without sunlight. It is perfect for underground farming and its main uses include making beer or flour.


This sweet beer is made out of water and antroots and brewed in the cookery room. Make your imps serve it at the bar so that you can raise the alcohol level of your dungeon drunks and make them happy.


Food in its simplest form, a simple side dish for some, but down here in the darkness it is a delicacy. This bread is made out of flour and water and can be baked in the cookery room at the baking table. Serve it at the bar to still the hunger of your minions so that they can keep on working and do your biding.


Coal, a mineral of fossilised carbon that is used primarily in the metalwork room as an energy source. This mineral is easy to find as it can be mined out of every layer in the dungeon. It is also widely known that the Dark Mother loves to consume coal and reward the feeder by throwing up imps.


Who does not love to eat a raw and slimy fish taken right out of its watery homeland? Serve it as it is at the bar to still your minions’ hunger. It turns out that your imps are excellent fishermen as long as they have something steady to stand on. So build them a bridge out to a shoal of fish and they will do the rest for you.


The flour is ground from antroots in the mill in the farm room. Its primary use is for making bread in the cookery room.


It is a dense, soft, malleable, and ductile metal with an attractive, bright yellow colour and lustre that is maintained without tarnishing in air or water. To find gold you will need to dig deep and take advantage of the natural cliff formations in the dungeon. It is primarily used as a food source for the Dark Mother so that she can spew out orcs.


Iron is one of the most common elements in the dungeon next to coal. It is rarely seen directly at the surface but doesn’t tend to hide too many layers down either. As it is contaminated by dirt and rock it needs to be purified in the iron smelter in the metalwork room before it can be used.

  Iron ingot

An iron ingot is a lump of metal that has been cast into a shape suitable for further processing. It is made out of iron and coal in the iron smelter at the metal works room. It is mostly used as a building material and in the blacksmith.


This is a resource you will get whether you want it or not. Just start digging in the dungeon and many rocks will fall to the ground for your imps to pick up. Just make sure that you have the storage capacity for it. Rocks are just as common a building material as wood, but if you get enough rocks you may just be able to build something extra.


For some reason water is the easiest resource to get in the dungeon, but that is lucky for you because the production chain would fail without it! Just build yourself a well and let your imps fetch water from it.


Not many thought that it would be possible to harvest wood in a dungeon. But as it turned out great trees are growing on the surface and their roots stretch far down into the dungeon cracks. Order your minions to harvest the roots so that you get the invaluable wood and are able to construct useful buildings in your dungeon.