Pressure pad

When steped on by an enemy it will deliver pressure to its surroundings.

Hydraulics pipes

Used to transport pressure between the different hydraulics constructions.


Every time pressure reaches the counter it will switch on and off allowing pressure to pass through or not, this is an excellent way to count how many enemies you want to let through before enabling the traps.


Only enables pressure in one direction, very good for creating loops.


Only allows pressure to go through in vertical direction if it gets pressure from another direction.

Movable wall

Excellent for trapping enemies and kill them of.


When it gets pressure it will fire a flaming cannonball in the direction the cannon is facing.


Gives of a gigantic explotion destroying walls, foes and friends nearby when it gets pressure.

Tripwire (Not included yet)

Just as the pressure pad it will activate when a creature steps on the tile, but this time it will fire a short pressure pulse for every enemy that steps on the wire surrounding the tile.

Inverter (Not included yet)

This one will give of constant pressure in a certain direction, and will only stop this when it gets pressure from another direction.