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Dwelvers is a real time strategy game inspired by the old time classics 'Dungeon Keeper' and 'The Settlers'. The player takes the form of an evil Dungeon Lord who needs to guide their minions in digging out paths and rooms, and claiming them for themselves, growing their dungeon. The game will be based on creating your minions and keeping them pleased in various ways. Then you will lead them into battle to defeat your enemy and claim victory! The most challenging part for the player will be creating advanced production chains so as to have enough food to keep their creatures well fed, enough weapons and armour to outfit their army as a force to be reckoned with, and of course enough beer to keep them satisfied with you as their master. A drunk minion is a happy minion! The theme of the game will have a lot of dark humour, and each creature will have its own personality, demands and fighting style; forcing the player to handle all the creatures in different ways in order to max out their potential. A happy minion is a useful minion!

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Dwelvers Journal – Dwelvers v0.11.18 released

Hi all :)

First of all let me just say Happy New Year! I hope that this new year will bring you all as much fun and excitement that I hope it will bring myself :P

So Dwelvers v0.11.18 has now been released on the website and on Steam! This new version has filled some gaps in the old UI, I’ve mentioned earlier that I got some suggestions on remaking the resource bar in the top of the window that showed some of the items in the game. I thought these suggestions were really good because one issue with the old UI was that it was tedious for the player to get information about how many units of a item type they owned. Usually it required the player to go into the items menu and search for the item type, and this is something I really wanted to avoid. I want the player to have all the information they need right in front of them so that they can make quick decisions without having to click around, and the old items menu counteracted that purpose. So since the last update I’ve been working on getting rid of the items menu and making its options available in a new improved resource bar instead.

Besides from the resource bar I’ve also changed the trading system in a way that will make it much easier and fun to use :)

If you would like to get more information about this release you can go here…

Dwelvers v0.11.15 is now released on Steam

Hi all :)

Dwelvers 0.11.15 has been released on Steam! It has been over a year since the last update on Steam so this is a really big step, My hopes have been to turn some of those negative reviews around about the game being abandoned.

So to make this release as good as possible we have done some serious bug-testing on the Dwelvers forum. Three weeks ago I released Dwelvers exclusively on the Dwelvers website, and during that time up until now the forum users have been really good at reporting all the bugs they could find. Well, they have reported small bugs and big bugs, and in total they reported 85 bugs. And 81 of them has been solved :D

So my hope now is that this will be the most stable release ever on Steam!

If you would like to get more information about this release you can go here…

Dwelvers bug testing version 0.11.5 is now released

Hi all :)

Dwelvers 0.11.5 has been released! Up until now version 0.11.2 to 0.11.4 has only been about bug fixes and therefore I’ve not made a big fuss about making a whole news post about it. But this version has a new big feature into it as well, and as we are getting closer and closer to the Steam release I really need your help to find all those nasty bugs and confirm that I’ve solved older bugs.

So I’ve finally added a achievement feature. Hopefully this will give the players a greater sense of accomplishment. I’ve seen really impressive dungeons built by some of you players, and I feel bad that I haven’t let the game confirm the feeling that what you have done is special!

Right now I only have a handful of achievements, but I’ve got no problems increasing this list. So if you have any ideas on new achievements just let me know :)

If you would like to get more information about this release you can go here…

Dwelvers bug testing version 0.11.1 is now released

Hi all :)

Finally Dwelvers 0.11 has been released! A lot have changed since the last version, we have new graphics, a new UI, and a new radial menu that is a lot more intuitive.

This version is a bug testing version and will probably contain some nasty issues. Therefore it is not available on Steam yet. This is because I don’t want to release a game that hasn’t been properly tested to a big crowd that wants to enjoy playing the game without bugs.

So Dwelvers v0.11.1 can now be downloaded from the website by those of you that have buyers account. If you want to be a part of the bug team and are owners of Dwelvers on Steam but don’t have a website account then please contact me and I will set up an account for you.

My plan is to use this upcoming week to bug-fixing, and when the week is up release a stable version on Steam. Once again, if you feel left out of from this release then please contact me.

/ Rasmus

If you would like to get more information about this release you can go here…

Dwelvers Journal – Graphics Reworked

Hi all,

For the last week I’ve been working on some eyecandy as well as the new UI. I felt like this was something I had to do because I know that this game engine has so much potential, and somewhere down the road I let the graphics stray down the wrong path. So I gave it a shot and updated the lightning, water, lava and the rock.

Feel free to follow to click the link below to see the new updated graphics that I hope you will like :)

/ Rasmus

If you would like to get more information about this release you can go here…