About Dwelvers

Dwelvers is a real time strategy game inspired by the old time classics 'Dungeon Keeper' and 'The Settlers'. The player takes the form of an evil Dungeon Lord who needs to guide their minions in digging out paths and rooms, and claiming them for themselves, growing their dungeon. The game will be based on creating your minions and keeping them pleased in various ways. Then you will lead them into battle to defeat your enemy and claim victory! The most challenging part for the player will be creating advanced production chains so as to have enough food to keep their creatures well fed, enough weapons and armour to outfit their army as a force to be reckoned with, and of course enough beer to keep them satisfied with you as their master. A drunk minion is a happy minion! The theme of the game will have a lot of dark humour, and each creature will have its own personality, demands and fighting style; forcing the player to handle all the creatures in different ways in order to max out their potential. A happy minion is a useful minion!


Rally Flags

Finally the Rally flags have been upgraded so that the player can send individual creature types to battle instead of all of them. Next up I will get the some squad assigning in there so that the player can have even more control. The items menu has also been upgraded in preparation of the upcoming equipment crafting system.

I would also like to add that I am getting closer to being able to set a release date. So this week it is very possible that I will post an “left to do before the release”  list at the forum :)

This and a lot more can be read about over here: http://forum.dungeondwellers.net/showthread.php?tid=784


See you all soon :)

/ Rasmus

Creature Inventory and Stats

Hi all,

For the last week I have been working more on the creature modding, it is an never ending circle it seems, the more I enable it the more I have too sidetrack and make extra features and mechanics to make the game as intuitive as possible.

With the last equipping creatures update I also had to enable the option for the player to equip the creatures manually. To solve this I made a new creature inventory and statistic menu seen in the screenshot below:


I have also started to prepare the upcoming armoury so that the player can create armours and weapons of his choice.

Read more about it here.

/ Rasmus

The Journey Continues

Hi all,

I have so much to write about, so I will just make a little list here showing of what is new, then you are all welcome to read it a little more in detail at here here.

- We have been accepted to steam, this is big relief for me and the team, it will most definitely give Dwelvers a big advantage towards getting it more known to the public.

- I am working on a feature where the player will be able to equip any creature with armours and weapons, the result can be seen in the youtube video linked below, but make sure to check out the other videos I have uploaded as well :)

- Curse have agreed to make a Dwelvers wiki, I really want to thank them for all their help and their engagement helping us out with this. It is a little thin atm, but with the release I will make sure to flesh it out :)

- The big time drainer for me is the modability I have been working on, almost anything in the game is now modable. If the interest for this get high enough the player will be able to download and add new buildings, items, creatures, spells etc. into the game to give the game some extra variation.

You can read more about it here: http://forum.dungeondwellers.net/showthread.php?tid=777

And thank you all for all your support :)

/ Rasmus

The imp priority system

Hi everyone, it has been a while since the last update, and that is because I have been working on the imp priority system. This is a pretty big gamechanger that affects the whole production chain, therefore I have been forced to change and update a lot of code. Instead of my just showing pictures and description on how it all works I have also prepared a little video that can be seen here Smile

You can read more about it here: http://forum.dungeondwellers.net/showthread.php?tid=734

That’s all for now, see you all soon :)

/ Rasmus

New company name and a lot more

So lets begin with the new company name and logo, we thought that we should have something else than “Rasmus Ljunggren presents..” (I also felt a little ego having it like that ;)), so now we have the new company name named “Dancing Devils” :P

A new trailer video of Dwelvers have been uploaded that you can check out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_eyGJHf-r8

Besides from that we have also introduced a tutorial system. Well, I got tired of people not playing the game exactly as I wanted them to, therefore I added a tutorial to the game to get them on the right track Wink This tutorial is directly interacting with the player, giving him a description on what he should do next and where he should do it by having flashing icons and tiles in the game.

Also two new creatures have entered the dungeon. Firstly we have the Piggeh, a creature that looks like a mixture between a pig and a orc. And the rogue, a manipulating, careless little creature that can do more harm than good to your dungeon.

You can read more about these updates here: http://forum.dungeondwellers.net/showthread.php?tid=655

The Rogue

Excuse me, have you seen my Imps?

A message system have been added which will help the player having more control over the dungeon, it will warn when a battle occurs, when your creatures needs aren’t for-filled or when your production is going slow. The message system is more than just a menu with messages, the player have the ability to quickly check out the newest messages on screen without having to enter any menu and he will be able to zoom in on the events that triggered the message. The whole point with the message system is that the player should have control over what’s going on in the dungeon without being to distracted from his ordinary gameplay.

I have also added a minimap that have replaced the compass, it shows height differences, your territory, where your rooms are and your creatures, but also the enemies. This will make it a lot easier for the player to navigate in the dungeon when it gets to large.

Read more about it here: http://forum.dungeondwellers.net/showthread.php?tid=638

New imps

Yes, the old imp have been replaced with this new one made by our 3D artist CobraMode, I have gotten a lot of complaints about the previous imps not holding the same quality as the rest of the creatures (maybe it was because it was me that modelled him :P), so we have decided to make a new imp that is even cuter.

See you all soon! Don’t forget to subscribe, new news will be coming up shortly :)

Website updated, surface world introduced and a message system on the way

I hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year celebration :)

I will start this new year with some interesting news,

Many of you have probably noticed that you got a mail with some login information to the Dwelvers website. The reason is that I have put my old website on the shelf and decided to install WordPress instead. It was way to much work for me to organise the old website and there were always some user compatibility issues because it was made by hand. So now I have updated the website, it still need some designing but it is a lot easier to navigate and update with new information, so it will be worth it in the long run! I’ve added a music and a concept art section to the website that you are all welcome to check out.

One more thing, as I’ve ported all the users between the website there is always a possibility that some information have been lost during the process. To make sure that everything is alright you can log into the website and confirm that your username is in order, if you’d like to change it you can mail me from the contact page, unfortunately the username sticks after it have been registered, so I will have to re-register you if you want it changed. For those of you that have pre-ordered Dwelvers I have added a extra “members page” where you can check your status and what it means.

I also want to congratulate the winners from our surface world competition, we got a lot of suggestions and a lot was implemented in a very short time. If you haven’t seen the surface world yet you can check out the screenshots here.

Right now I’ve started on the message system, if you’d like to contribute or get more information you are more than welcome to come with suggestions (Link to the forum topic)

So that is all for now, thank you all for reading and I will see you soon :)

Win a free copy of Dwelvers

Only a couple of days since the 0.6 release, and now we are working on the 0.7 release. Take a look at the surface world that just got implemented :)

We are also about to start a little competition on reddit where you can win free copies of Dwelvers by coming up with good ideas on what you would like to see implemented in the game. Leave a suggestion and see it implemented the same day :)

More details here: http://forum.dungeondwellers.net/showthread.php?tid=565

Dwelvers Alpha v0.6c is now released

Dwelvers Alpha v0.6c is now released!

This an important bug fix version of v0.6b.

You can download it at the Dwelvers website. If you want to check out what have been fixed since the last version you can go here, and if you do like the game please consider to pre-order the game so that you can help us out financially with the development :) Don’t forget to give your honest opinion about this release at the Dwelvers forum.

See you all soon :)

/ Rasmus

Dwelvers Alpha v0.6b released

Dwelvers Alpha v0.6b has now been released to the public!

You can download it at the Dwelvers website, and if you do like the game please consider to pre-order the game so that you can help us out financially with the development :) Don’t forget to give your honest opinion about this release at the Dwelvers forum.

See you all soon :)

/ Rasmus

Dwelvers Alpha v0.6 released


Dwelvers Alpha v0.6 is now available for download for the pre-orderers, you can get it by logging into the http://dwelvers.com/ site and navigate to the download section. If you are having any problems logging in or downloading the game you can visit our forum and report the issues there and I will deal with them ASAP. Dwelvers Alpha version 0.6 will be released to the public after it has been thoroughly bug-tested, but if you can’t wait that long you are more than welcome to pre-order the game :)

See you all at the forum,

/ Rasmus

New enemies and gamemechanics

Latest news: Newsletter – 15 Nov 2013

No more wheat – Creature status – Time for food – Nothing beats a nap after a heavy meal – Foamy waterfalls and softer blocks – More control – Incoming Cyclotaur – In water lives fishes.. man.. – Heroes. Read all about it :)

/ Rasmus

New dimensions introduced

Hi all,

If you haven’t seen the latest news then you can get up to speed by visiting the forum, It includes the new 3D dungeon, waterfalls, new creatures, bedrooms and much more :) Don’t forget to leave a comment and tell us what you think before it is to late ;)

/ Rasmus

Dwelvers alpha version 0.5d is now released

Hi Everyone,

Dwelvers alpha version 0.5d is now available for download, there were some bugs discovered in this version as well, but hopefully I’ve gotten them all now. If not, then keep spamming me at the forum ;)

Visit our website for download, changes made to this version can be found at the forum.

See you all with the next update :)

Dwelvers Alpha v0.5c released

Hi Everyone,

Dwelvers alpha version 0.5c is now available for download, this isn’t a major update, it is a bug fix update. But still some game-play mechanics have been added. You are all welcome to check out the new video and download the game at the Dwelvers website, and if you are interested in all the updates made to the game you can check out the release announcement at the forum.

See you all with the next update :)

Dwelvers is still free to download

Hi everyone,

I have some news that is effecting you all..

Because Dwelvers only is limited to the backers at the moment, there are too few people actually playing it, and to get Dwelvers advertised we need to get as many people as possible to play it. I realize that releasing the Alpha / Beta versions for free to the public will violate what I’ve promised on this site and at the Indiegogo campaign. But even so, I feel like I need to go back on that promise and release Dwelvers for free to the public until the actual release on Steam. So this is what I’m going to do:

  • I’m going to release the current demo for everyone to play,
  • Those of you that have backed the game and want a refund will get it; just send me a message from the contact page.
  • Those of you that don’t want a refund will get three extra keys to give to your friends when the game is released.

I hope this is okay, and if you feel like I am doing you injustice, then please contact me and I will make sure that you will get a refund. This is not what I had planned, but the game will always come first.

/ Rasmus

Dwelvers Alpha 0.5 released

Hi everyone :)

Dwelvers is now available for download at the Dwelvers webpage for those of you that are backers, it will not be available for the pre-orderers until the game has left its alpha state. You can download it by logging in at the web page and then press the download tab. There you should see a button you can press to start the download.

Descriptions on how to play the game can be found at the forum. And don’t forget to come with as much feedback as possible so that the game can become its best :)

See you all at the forum :)

/ Rasmus

Dwelvers have entered the realm of Twitter

This update will be totally new for some of you, I discovered that there were some problem with the mails sent from the Dwelvers website, that they got stuck in the spamfilter. So after I got a complaint from a g-mail user I managed to find the problem and correct it :) The new alpha version will be available in the next few days, meanwhile I want to notify that Dwelvers now have entered the realm of Twitter. You can follow us at https://twitter.com/Dwelvers

See you all with the next update :)

/ Rasmus

Dwelvers Alpha v0.5 is soon to be released

A new video of Dwelvers Alpha version 0.5 is now uploaded and can be watched here:

What’s new is that I’ve added evil looking monkey creatures called Impanzees, they will kill of any intruder that walks into their territory. So it is best to be prepared with an army of Dark Dwarfs standing behind the Imps as they dig deeper into the dungeon! The game will be available for download for you that have backed the game very soon, I just have to make more settings available in the game so that the players can configure the keys and more..

See you all soon :)

/ Rasmus

Creepier dungeon – Fixed!

New video uploaded with some graphics changes:

I made this extra video to show of some of the stuff I missed yesterday, also I got a lot of comments about the cellshading graphics, both positive and negative critique. So I decided to meet you all half way and make it a little bit more dungeonish :) Please leave a comment about what you think of this graphics and the graphics I had in the last video. It will really help me decide what direction I should go in.

See you all soon :)

/ Rasmus